EEOC Releases Online Portal for Digital Filing, Tracking

EEOC Releases Online Portal for Digital Filing, Tracking

The EEOC has just launched an online portal in order to streamline the process for individuals to file a charge of discrimination with the agency. Starting November 2017, the EEOC Public Portal gives users online access to manage and complete the steps for filing and beyond, from submitting initial inquiries to uploading records and agreeing to mediate charges after they are filed. The portal is available for new charges, as well as those filed on or after Jan 1, 2016 that are in investigation or mediation.

The new portal cannot be used to file charges of discrimination that were not prepared by the EEOC, nor is it available for individuals to file charges against federal agencies.

Those without internet access can call 1-800-669-4000 to get basic information about how to submit an inquiry to their local EEOC office offline.

Note that there are specific time limits set for filing a charge with the EEOC, as well as for filing a lawsuit that pertains to discrimination. If you believe you have been targeted as a victim of workplace harassment, it is beneficial to consult with an attorney to determine what protections apply to you.

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For more information on reporting workplace harassment and what steps to take, go to this post.

Go here to visit the EEOC’s page with more information about the Public Portal.

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