Employee Spotlight: John Hart

Employee Spotlight: John Hart

Although one of our younger employees, Legal Assistant John Hart has worked with our firm for an impressive 9 years altogether (he took a hiatus from 2008 to 2011 to complete his undergraduate education). Always with a bright spirit, John can be found helping with virtually all aspects of law practice. We sat down with him to ask about his career and experiences working at Florin|Roebig.

How did you come to join the firm?

I worked for an attorney at another firm who unfortunately passed away. Wil and Tommy took on the files and workload so I was interviewed during the process. They were great and offered me to come on board. Within two weeks of starting, I was assisting with a malpractice trial–so I was off and running.

If you had to say one thing you’ve learned at Florin|Roebig, what would it be?


What is a typical day like for you?

It’s hard to say because no two days are the same. I could be doing anything from strategizing with attorneys before a trial, working on exhibits, or mediations, arbitrations, you name it.

So you’re a “jack-of-all-trades”?

I try to be.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Interacting with the people. It’s a family work environment–you’re not afraid to ask questions; if problems come up, you’re not afraid to talk about it. I love meeting with clients and getting to know people from different walks of life.

The toughest part?

The clients’ injuries. It takes an emotional toll. But being able to work through it, and assist them however we can, helps.

What’s your most memorable trial moment?

The second trial I ever participated in, it was September 2005. It was a case that involved a semi-truck hitting a motorcyclist, unfortunately killing him. That trial was tense, and watching Wil and Tommy vigorously fight for the client was incredible. It really left an impression on me. Honestly, it was even a turning point because it helped me decide that this was what I wanted to do.

What is it like to go through law school while working at a law firm?

I feel lucky, honestly, because I get to ask the attorneys questions. Most of them still remember and can reference the cases that we are learning about in classes, which helps.

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