Employee Spotlight: Ron Widman

Employee Spotlight: Ron Widman

Ron Widman and Florin Roebig go way back. We sat down with Ron, one of our outstanding case managers, for some good conversation on his career with the firm and what it means to him. Here’s what we found:


How long have you worked with Florin Roebig?

Total, about 24 years. I started in 1985 and was here for twelve years, then started my own company for some time, but Florin Roebig was my biggest client. I came back to the firm in 2005.


What was the company you started?

I was a licensed private investigator.


What kinds of things did you investigate?

Mostly backgrounds on people and car accidents–nothing domestic, that’s too much.


Well we’ve been lucky to have you for all this time. What has made you stick with Florin Roebig through the years?

It’s just a good place to work; I’ve really developed a niche here that I wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. I’ve been able to do medical seminars, gone out to teach at Stetson Law and so many other things–it would be weird if I wasn’t doing it all with Florin Roebig. I really don’t know if I would have stuck around for this long if I was at another firm. Wil and Tommy make it easier because they understand that it’s a tough job.


We could see that. What makes the job tough?

Well, every client that walks in our door does so because something bad has happened to them; it’s never because something good has happened. Unfortunately, it’s a reality because of what we do. But one good thing about the firm, and something that I really believe in is that, hokie or not, we try and do right by our clients, and not every law firm does that. At the end of the day, that is one one thing I’m proud of about being with this firm. It’s not about fees and other things, it’s really about doing the right thing.


How did you come to work for Florin Roebig?

I actually wasn’t expecting to get into this business. I got a call one day from Tom Carey who was one of the partners back in the day (when it was Carey & Florin). He asked me if I would be interested in the job so I came down there, met with Wil, and he hired me that day. At the time I didn’t even really have a job description, the position was still very new to the field when they brought me in. We had to create a whole system for filing, contacts, etc.


Now your position is a staple in personal injury law! How do you usually describe it to people?

Well I’m a licensed insurance adjuster, but formally I’m a case manager; I assist the attorneys in developing the damages and liability in personal injury cases and help bring it to a resolution in a pre-litigation status. These days I work pretty exclusively on Minnesota cases ever since we opened our office up there.


Has the nature of the job changed at all throughout the years?

When I started we didn’t have computers around, so there was a whole lot more dictating and transcribing involved. It was a different business back in those days. Also you used to meet face to face a lot more often, now everything is quicker, done over the phone or email, things like that. Of course the firm has grown a lot, so the atmosphere is different in that way too.


What do you think is the best part of your job?

We still get clients that are very appreciative of what we’ve done for them. After all these years, that is still nice to hear. It makes it all worthwhile because the job can be difficult at times. Helping the clients and knowing we did a good job–that’s still pretty cool after all these years.

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