Motorcycle Helmet Laws FL, CO, MN

Motorcycle Helmet Laws FL, CO, MN

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Motorcycle helmet laws throughout the United States vary widely by state, and have undergone several changes in past years. At this time, 19 states and the District of Columbia have implemented the universal helmet law, requiring all motorcyclists to wear a helmet while riding. On the other hand, 28 states in America have laws requiring only some riders to wear helmets. Three states (Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire) do not have helmet use laws in place. Low-power cycles (mopeds, scooters, and other two-wheeled vehicles that operate at low speeds) are covered by helmet use laws in 23 states; other states cover only some low-power cycles. Before getting on the road, motorcyclists should check up on their state’s respective helmet use laws and comply accordingly. They can also prevent accidents by reviewing ways to avoid motorcycle accidents while riding *<<link to other article*. To help you get ready for your ride, below is a summary of the helmet use laws in states where our offices are located: Florida, Colorado, and Minnesota.



Florida repealed the universal helmet law in 2000 for riders and passengers over the age of 21. If you are over the age of 21, you are not legally required to wear a helmet to ride on a motorcycle. Motorcycle operators and riders aged 20 and younger must wear a Department of Transportation-approved helmet, securely fastened on their head. If you are over 21 and choose to ride without a helmet, you must be covered with a minimum amount of $10,000 in insurance medical benefits for injuries sustained as a result of a crash. The fine for not wearing a helmet is $35.00. All motorcyclists, regardless of age, must wear eye protection, unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windshield. These rules do not apply to those riding in enclosed cabs or people 16 or older operating or riding on low-power cycles.



All motorcycle operators and passengers under 18 years of age must wear Department of Transportation-approved helmets. Riders 18 and older are not required to wear a helmet. Colorado mandates that all motorcycle riders wear some form of eye protection, preferably a visor on a helmet or some form of eyeglasses or goggles.



All motorcycle operators and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet that complies with standards established by the commissioner of public safety. Riders age 18 and older are not required to wear a helmet. All operators of motorcycles must wear protective eye gear.

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