NLJ Recognizes Florin Roebig’s Record-Setting Jury Verdict

NLJ Recognizes Florin Roebig’s Record-Setting Jury Verdict

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After obtaining a record $47.4 million dollar jury verdict last August, The “National Law Journal” has recognized Florin Roebig’s Triple Board Certified lawyers Wil H. Florin and Tommy Roebig as having received one of the largest jury awards in the United States of America for 2014.

The $47.4 million dollar award ranked as the 44th largest jury verdict returned in America in 2014. It is estimated that in 2014 over 150 thousand jury trials took place in the United States.

The jury’s verdict was awarded following a four day trial in Dade City, Florida. Mr. Florin and Mr. Roebig represented Jane Doe in her jury trial against Essentials Massage and Facial of New Tampa, LLC and Raul A. Delarosa in which Jane Doe alleged that she was touched in a sexually aggressive and inappropriate manner by Essentials massage therapist.

At the trial, the corporate Defendant, Essentials Massage and Facial of New Tampa, LLC defended the case by arguing that Mr. Delarosa was working as an independent contractor and not their employee. Therefore, the Corporation claimed, they were not responsible for his behavior. This was the same argument the Defendant Corporation’s insurance company made throughout the entire litigation.

After two hours of deliberating, the jury comprised of two men and four women returned a verdict that found Delarosa was an employee of Essentials Massage and Facials of New Tampa, LLC and was negligent in retaining Delarosa after it should have known that he wrongfully touched another woman at their location just 90 days earlier.  The jury awarded the Jane Doe $420,000 for past and future medical expenses, as well as past and future pain and suffering damages in the amount of $12 Million.  The final portion of the jury verdict was for $35 Million in punitive damages.

Florin Roebig is very proud of Jane Doe as she came forward so that this wouldn’t happen to any other women.


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