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Work with a Tampa Bay Area motorcycle accident attorney.

For many people, motorcycles are a wonderful way to travel to and from work, commute long distances, or enjoy a recreational thrill. The state of Florida has various laws in place to protect motorcyclists; however, serious accidents still occur. When an accident happens, even motorcyclists wearing proper head, eye, and body protection are no match for the impact of another vehicle.

Motorcycles do not have the same safety features as cars, so riders can easily fall victim to severe injuries. Motorcycles are small and light, and a collision with a passenger vehicle or stationary object can quickly spell disaster for a biker. If you have been injured, it is important that you work with a personal injury lawyer from Florin Roebig right away.


Immediately after a motorcycle accident.

A variety of factors will be taken into consideration following an accident, and no two accidents are ever the same. Commonly, riders face catastrophic injuries, even when wearing protective gear. It is not unlikely for a motorcycle accident victim to suffer head trauma, spinal complications, paralysis, concussions, broken bones, road rash and, in some cases, death. The impact of a moving vehicle can be enough to render an individual unconscious and leave him or her facing long-term traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, the cost to repair motorcycles is often significant, and out-of-pocket expenses can quickly add up.

Fighting insurance bad faith practices.

While it is a requirement for licensed riders to carry insurance, it does not guarantee that the insurance companies will act in good faith after an accident. Insurance providers are supposed to pay compensation to injured victims in a timely manner; however, in some cases, reports of insurance bad faith have arisen. Insurance companies are only looking out for their best interests, and sometimes, they can greatly under-compensate victims or completely deny compensation. If you are struggling with your insurance provider after a motorcycle accident, you need to work with an attorney right away.

Work with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

At Florin|Roebig, we take action to help provide our clients with the compensation that they deserve following an accident. Not only can we fully investigate your case to determine the best course of legal action, but we can also ensure that your insurance company follows through with its obligations. If you have been wrongly injured by a passenger vehicle or as a result of a poorly designed or maintained road, you need to contact our team right away. We can help determine liability and identify product failure or other causes of the accident and hold the negligent parties responsible. Contact Florin Roebig today and schedule a consultation with our firm as soon as possible!

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Motorcycle Accident

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