Florin Roebig Attorneys Obtain $42M Verdict by Hernando Jury

Florin Roebig Attorneys Obtain $42M Verdict by Hernando Jury

Pictured above is the Florin Roebig trial team left to right: Frank Miller, Wil Florin, Tommy Roebig, John Hart and Shaun Cummings.
Below: Patrick Osmond and his father, Robert Osmond.

A Hernando County jury handed down the largest injury verdict in Florida this year and the largest contested verdict in Hernando County history to a Florin Roebig client rendered quadriplegic after being served alcohol while underage at a Brooksville Applebee’s. After Patrick Osmond and some friends were served a pitcher of beer at Applebee’s in 2012, Patrick was a passenger in a pick-up truck driven by Joseph Raub who had also consumed a mug of the beer at Applebee’s prior to crashing his pick-up truck into a tree on Broad Street in Brooksville, Florida.

“We are extremely pleased with the jury’s verdict and we believe that this trial result will send a message to other establishments to strictly follow the law that is on the books to protect all of us, including young people,” said Wil Florin, one of Osmond’s trial lawyers and founding partner of Florin Roebig. WTSP Channel 10 – Underage Drinking Crash Victim Wins Lawsuit Against Applebee’s.

One of the most significant issues in the two-week long trial was the evidence that underage patrons had been served alcohol at the Brooksville Applebee’s in the past and prior to the night of the Patrick Osmond tragedy. Trial lawyer, Frank Miller, relentlessly and successfully argued that this evidence was crucial for the jury to hear so that Osmond could receive a fair trial. Mr. Miller was successful for Osmond on this critical issue thereby allowing the jury to learn that on approximately 70 prior occasions underage patrons were served alcohol at this Applebee’s.

Patrick Osmond was 20 the night he went to Applebee’s with his friends. His tragic injuries are devastating and permanent. Patrick’s strength and courage both on the witness stand and in bringing this case all the way to jury verdict is inspiring and will surely help other young people by the message it sends to liquor vendors across the United States.

Toxicology and alcohol impairment were crucial issues in the trial. Florin Roebig partner Tommy Roebig, cross-examined one of the Country’s most renowned and famous expert toxicologists who testified on behalf of Defendant Applebee’s that the driver, Raub, could never be impaired by drinking only one glass of beer. Roebig was able to demonstrate on cross-examination that impairment can and does begin to be very dangerous at the lowest levels of the blood alcohol scale.

This verdict will allow Patrick to lead an independent life and receive the needed medical and rehabilitative care he so rightfully deserves. Patrick, who once hoped for a career in the military, will now go to college and study audio engineering.

Shaun Cummings, Florin Roebig trial team lawyer for Patrick, cross-examined the Applebee’s bartender who served the boys and dramatically proved that they were willfully and unlawfully furnished alcohol in direct violation of Florida law.

Florin Roebig is extremely proud of Patrick and his loving and courageous family. We are also so proud of our entire trial team who worked so tirelessly to bring justice to this wonderful and deserving client. A special thanks goes to the incomparable John Hart, an invaluable member of the Florin Roebig Trial Team.

It is always our hope and mission at Florin Roebig that our trial results help make our communities a safer place to live and raise our families. We thank Patrick and his wonderful father, Rob Osmond, for the privilege and honor to have stood up for them.

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