Don’t Push Your Luck on St. Patrick’s This Year

Don’t Push Your Luck on St. Patrick’s This Year

They say everyone is Irish today for Saint Patrick’s Day, but their luck falls short of those who choose to drink and drive tonight. With the holiday landing on a Friday this year, law enforcement agencies across the state have been posting on social media and otherwise to send the message that they will increase patrols to stop drivers who are under the influence and ensure that party-goers make it home safely. Driving under the influence (DUI) is defined as operating a motor vehicle while impaired with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.


With DUI checkpoints and enforcement surveillance set to run into the Saturday morning hours, authorities recommend planning ahead for the night before you going out tonight: confirm where you will stay for the night and how you will get there. Aside from designated drivers, rideshare apps including Uber and Lyft will be available tonight, as well as public transportation including taxi services, and other programs like AAA’s free Tow-to-go service for both members and non-members (see information provided below). With all these options offering a safe ride home, there is no good reason to drive tonight (or tomorrow night, or the next day, and so on) if you’ve been drinking. Remember, even surge pricing doesn’t compare to the cost, humiliation, and danger of a DUI arrest or crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that from 2011 and 2015, 252 people were killed in drunk driving crashes on Saint Patrick’s Day alone.


For those driving tonight, be extremely cautious. Watch out for pedestrians who may disregard traffic rules or wander from designated walkways. Remain focused and attentive, and DO NOT use your phone while driving. For some more tips on how to avoid an accident, check out this post here. If you are a designated driver, check out the Designated Driver VIP or DDVIP app available on iTunes and Android to find bars near you that offer free non-alcoholic drinks and other perks for designated drivers.

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Call 1-855-2-TOW-2-GO (855-286-9246) anytime Friday through Sunday at 6 AM



Polk County:

Checker Cab Co., (863) 665-8151

Polk County Taxi, (863) 521-2924


Hillsborough County:

Yellow Cab, (813) 253-0121

Cab Plus, (813) 288-8888

United Taxi Car Service, (877) 288-2672


Pasco County:

Express Cab (727) 226-3822

Signature Car Service (727) 834-4444

Adventure Cab Express (727) 637-1069


Pinellas County:

United Taxi (727) 777-7777

Coral Cab (727) 215-0429

Downtown Yellow Taxi (727) 379-4440

Yellow Cab (727) 204-4212


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