Employee Spotlight: Judy Collett

Employee Spotlight: Judy Collett

Judy Collett has been a longtime employee and force of positivity as a receptionist at our firm. You can often find her (and her welcoming smile) in the entrance of our office in Palm Harbor, Florida. We sat down with her to gain some insight into her vibrant life and career working with Florin Roebig:

How long have you worked for Florin Roebig? 

I just celebrated my 25th year anniversary.

Wow! That’s amazing. If you don’t mind us asking, why have you stayed with Florin Roebig through the years?

I love my job. The attorneys here are so wonderful; Wil and Tommy are phenomenal at what they do and I have never seen them mad. People have told me horror stories about lawyers raising their voices, throwing books, and so on. I’ve never seen that kind of behavior here– even the associates are so respectful and polite. 

Have you always been a receptionist?

Yes! Before I was with Florin Roebig, I was the receptionist for Governor John D. Rockefeller IV in West Virginia. When he went on to be a senator, he wanted me to continue to work with him, so I was the receptionist at the senate office for some time.

How did you first come to find Florin Roebig?

I almost didn’t work for Florin Roebig! I was just about to be offered another job, but I spoke with Diana Capo (our Office Administrator) and she was so friendly. Not long after I came in to interview with Tommy Roebig, and here I am!

What’s the best part about your job?

I love the people; being able to mingle with them and chat with them is my favorite part. All my kids keep saying, “when are you going to retire?” and I always tell them, “I don’t want to!” 

We don’t want you to either. What would you say has changed about your job or the firm since you first started, if anything?

Well, it’s a different time; there’s a lot more demand these days than when I first started. Things happen more quickly, so there’s more of a rush to get things done. Sometimes getting things done immediately just isn’t possible, and it’s tough to explain that in 2017. We’ve also grown so much since I’ve joined; the firm is so much bigger and well-known than it was.

Has anything stayed the same?

Tommy Roebig and Wil Florin.

Do you have any other talents, aside from being a great receptionist?

Nope! I love to read, but no talents. I was behind the door when talents were given out. *laughs*

Being a receptionist at a law firm can be overwhelming, but you always keep your cool! What’s your secret?

Sometimes it’s not easy! If I find myself frustrated, I just take a deep breath and start over. I’m also grateful that in my most trying moments, I don’t have to say what I’m thinking.  

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